Second Star to the Right

Peter Pan and Never Neverland. Can’t get enough of this classic story! I love the original book and of course the the movie by Disney. Now I made this cake a little over a year ago, when I was still figuring stuff out and just starting to get into my creative side with my baking. 

I wanted to do something cute and fun with this cake and so I did! I wanted to incorporate scenes of the Disney movie onto the cake but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to achieve this goal. While I did some research on some Peter Pan coloring pages (yeah I know, I still do that) and I wanted a little of everything to be featured on this cake.

I’m still a little surprised that I actually came up with this design and connecting the basic main scenes: the mermaid lagoon, the tree with the Lost Boys, skull rock, the gold flying pirate ship, and the Indian camp. So I got all of those components and I had to have the four main characters as well, so I put them on the very top of the cake, because of course that’s where the stars of the show need to be! 

This cake is definitely one of my favorites that I’ve done even though I had very little experience using fondant and zero artistic ability in the painting department. It may have some bad parts (especially Wendy’s face! Don’t look though) but I still love how it came out especially cute little Tinkerbell!


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