This cake isn’t real. Everything about it isn’t real. Such as the dinosaurs. Unfortunately they have been extinct for millions of years, so for now they aren’t real (unless science brings them back to life somehow., but who really knows if Jurassic Park will become a reality. A girl can dream right?). The cake itself is also non existent. I know what you’re thinking, how can it not be a cake if it looks like a cake? Well it’s a fake cake. Styrofoam. That’s all it is. Styrofoam covered in fondant. 
Fake cake, or dummy cake, is a basic tool that bakers use. Have you ever gone into a fancy bakery and seen tons of cakes in the window or on display? Well it’s all fake, a neat way to just show off artistic ability without having to actually make cake.
Now I made this cake in one of my classes and the Chef gave us this assignment to create our own design and to create it in class. I of course had just bought a dinosaur cookie cutter set and have been wanting to make a cake with dinosaurs on it, so I obviously used this assignment to make it happen.
I wanted to add in some flare to this cake so I added in an erupting volcano, some palm trees that popped out for a 3D look and also had certain parts of the dinosaurs stick out of the cake. I made the “lava” and “grass” out of royal icing which gave it a nice oozing touch. This “cake” was fun to do and I can’t wait to do another project featuring dinosaurs!


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