Fairy Tales

I love fairy tales, they are so cute and fun to read. One of the books in my vast collection is Grimm’s Fairy Tales and so far I’m only about halfway through it, but the stories are so different from the cleaned up versions, which I think i prefer even though I love gory movies and books. I think I prefer the cleaner versions because they are more child friendly and innocent.

So I made these cookies using some edible paper and ink that the images were printed with. I bought them via Etsy in a shop called Cookie Pixie. The ones that I bought were the Classic Fairy Tales and they are super adorable and she has so many other cute options too that I can’t wait to buy and use.
Using these edible images are really simple. Basically you have an iced cookie and the images cut out. You take some light corn syrup and brush it on to the cookie very lightly and then press the images onto it. Then if you want you can embellish them with some more royal icing along the edges if you want.

Using edible images is an easy way for you to make some cookies without having to go all out with the royal icing when you can just glue an image right on to the cookie. It will have people asking you, “how did you make these?!”


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