Well as promised (if you happened to read what I’m obsessed with on the About page) here are some mermaid cookies! Now I absolutely love mermaids. And to be completely honest, I even think that they exist somewhere on this planet that we call Earth. Just call me the crazy cake lady that believes in mythical creatures.

Originally I wanted to use these mermaid images to put on the side of a cake. A 2 tiered cake. And then I thought really long and hard about it and the conclusion that I came up with was, “Aly, seriously, you are freaking nuts! It won’t work and it will be a complete disaster.” So I actually listened to that little voice in my head and did these cookies instead, and to be honest I’m glad I did, because some of these cookies have some bad spots on them, and just imagining what it would’ve looked like on the sides of a 2 tiered cake would’ve been even worse. 

The cookie recipe I used is same I used for the Harry Potter cookies. It’s really my go-to recipe for cut-out cookies because 1. they are thick 2. they don’t get rock hard if you leave them out for a few days and 3. to me they taste like those sugar cookies you buy at the grocery store with the pink frosting and sprinkles (you know the ones!?!) when I put frosting and fondant on top. These cookies really are just delicious and I’m absolutely in love with them! 


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