My Sister’s Graduation

My sister just graduated from high school and for her party that she was going to have with her best friend, they requested that I make them the cake for it. It was definitely a challenge as their party fell on a weekend where I only would just arrive back home from college a few days before. Despite only have 2 days to make this cake with late nights and early mornings, it was worth it.

The colors that they requested were blue and orange. At first I thought that those color choices would look hideous on a cake, but to be honest, I think it turned out really pretty with the colors.

They specifically wanted a rose ruffle pattern on the bottom tier. That was the only information that they gave me, so I had to come up with the rest of the design. The middle tier I wanted to go for a lace design. I just used a round cookie cutter and piping tips to get the desired look that I wanted. And the top tier is just a basic look with their names on it.

They also requested some sugar flowers and I couldn’t quite figure out what kind of flower to do because they didn’t want roses. I finally found the perfect flower, a Southern Magnolia. It was my first time ever making the southern magnolia and there were a lot of hit and misses during the process but in the end I think that they turned out looking decent enough to pull off being called pretty.

Overall the party was a success and the cake was a success even when only having 2 days to make it and decorate it.


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