Itty Bitty Animals


I recently found the cutest cake of a cow on Pinterest and it was just so adorable that I had to do it myself. Once I found out how this cute little cake was made I automatically hit up Amazon and bought myself this pan. It’s the cutest little 3D bear pan and it’s so tiny and cute that you could eat the whole thing (well maybe not the WHOLE thing, more like half) and not (sort of) feel guilty about eating it. After buying this pan the ideas just started to come to me on what I could make. The possibilities are endless! I’ve only done these four little critters so far but I have so many ideas left that I’m going to do. 


After the cakes were made and I had the frosting all mixed up and colored I was ready to accept the challenge on creating these cute little guys. I had to trim up a few parts to really make it work, such as the ears, part of the arms, and a little off of the snout to make it work for each cake. For the ears and eyes I just colored and rolled out some fondant and used a flower petal cutter that I thought resembled ears the most. I carefully put toothpicks into each ear so that I could easily stick them into the cake. When it came to icing the cakes it was really touch and go and how you could vision what the animal would look like. At some point I needed a little help so I googled images of a few of the animals so I could get the dimensions more correct.

Out of all of them the cow is my favorite, and my least favorite, well… it’s the rabbit. Personally I think that the face looks a little creepy. I named him Crazy Eyed Rabbit. I mean seriously, look at the rabbit’s eyes!!! Anyways, I urge you to buy this adorable little cake pan and try it out yourself! It’s so much fun, especially because it’s so cute and tiny!

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