Fishy Fishy!

Well it’s summer time and there’s nothing like going to the lake on a weekend, hopping on the boat, and… going fishing? I’ve never been a fan of fishing, but it just happens to be a really popular thing here in North Dakota in the summer and in the winter. I mean what else are you supposed to do? Growing up in a small country town, living on a farm, about less than an hour away from the city really leaves you with not much to do. To pass the time my friends and I would drive around to entertain ourselves while others would revert to fishing (or some other type of hunting activity).

So why not celebrate the summer time in a better way that doesn’t involve actually touching or eating an actual fish (because honestly, I don’t like fish. Period). A few months ago I was on a major shopping spree and one of the many things I bought was cookie cutters. One of these cookie cutters was a sail boat, so I knew that I wanted to use that cutter to make a cake topper to give the fish cake some flare. The only thing was how was I going to do the fish? I had bought a fish cookie cutter as well, but they were way to big to use. So once again I hit up my favorite place ever, Pinterest (you really can’t go wrong with this website, I mean really I mention it in like every single post!). And I of course run into the best image ever!
I covered the cake in fondant and the worst thing that could happen happened. This fondant was horrible to work with and just became a horrible disaster! I mean really! Just look at how horrible that turned out! All the cracks, elephant skin and holes just made this a complete headache. The good part was though that I knew how to fix it up. 
It’s a basic trick that I learned to make unsightly marks on fondant to just disappear like magic like it was never there in the first place. Just take a little bit of the fondant you used for the cake and add just a tiny amount of water and mix it until you get a paste. Then take a small offset spatula and smear it on in all the nooks and crannies you want to go away. And wah-la! It looks just like it never happened!
The sail boat topper I made out of a cookie and just took more of the light blue fondant and painted on the little details. I wanted the topper to sit on top of a buttercream “wave” if you will. So I took some blue food coloring and painted it on the inside of the icing bag in three stripes. Then I just filled the bag with some white frosting and started to pipe out the “waves”. To make the topper stay upright and not topple over I added 2 toothpicks into the cookie part and just stuck it into the center of the cake. I then added some white pearl sprinkles to give it a bubble like effect on top of the “waves”. 
Now this cake is definitely more my cup of tea rather then having to touch or eat an actual fish. Plus it’s super cute!

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