Who doesn’t love fruit?! I like most fruit, minus the melon variety. They are sweet, healthy, some are juicy, and most pair well with chocolate or peanut butter (who wouldn’t love those combos?!) So how about cookies that look like fruit? 

Would cookies that look like fruit be considered healthy? I would love that if it was, because then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about eating a lot of them.

These cookies are really easy to make. The strawberry, pineapple, and apple were all shaped cookie cutters that I had bought, but the other cookies just involved a few round cookie cutters plus a small heart one for the watermelon (but that isn’t really necessary if you don’t have one).

To decorate I just made a batch of royal icing and colored it in the colors I needed, white, black, yellow, green, red/pink, orange. For the strawberry I just used some white nonpareils as the seeds and for the kiwi I used black sprinkles. After I iced all of them I just let them sit over night to let the royal icing set.

These are perfect for a cute little picnic on a weekend, plus they are really simple to make.


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