Welcome to the Jungle

Don’t you just love that song by Guns N’ Roses? Well I do. Anyways this isn’t about a song, it’s about a little baby that is on the way! Now I don’t personally know the mother to be of this baby, but I do know her relative who asked me to make this cake for the baby shower. She requested it to be an animal cake, and that’s when my mind went on its own little hunt on how to execute this cake just right.

I couldn’t decide if the animals for this cake should be made 3D out of fondant or painted? I hit up Instagram and Pinterest to figure this one out. I then came across some cute pictures on Pinterest and decided that I wanted to use them, but how? That’s when Instagram came into play. I follow a bakery based in Australia and I just love how they make their cakes. They use cookies as the decoration for their cakes which then makes it all edible. No yucky gum paste shapes to be seen! And that was the way that I had decided to make this cake.

It takes a lot of time to make painted cookies just right, but I have a very special tool to help me because I absolutely have no artistic ability at all. I should probably take art lessons or something. The good part was that the cookies came out perfectly!

The cake part was marble, as requested, and I used vanilla frosting colored a very pretty blue. Now they didn’t want fondant on the cake, so then I had to think of a way to make the frosting pretty, so why not do a ruffle pattern? So that’s what I did! After that was done I stuck some toothpicks into the cookies that were sitting on the actual cake so that they wouldn’t fall off and used leftover frosting to glue all of the cookies to the cake. I’m really happy with the way this cake turned out because it’s just all sorts of adorableness! 

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