Disney Series: Aladdin

You ever get one of those weekends when you get the whole house to yourself? Well I do sometimes and I must say that I enjoy it way too much. Lets just say that my family can be pigs sometimes so I take this as an opportunity to clean house, and then mess it up again when I get bored and head for the kitchen to bake. Well on this family free weekend I had a few weeks ago I wanted to do a few things, so this is the start of a little (ok, maybe not so little) project of a series that will involve a whole lot of everything Disney. And when I say everything, I mean literally almost every single Disney movie. (Did I mention that I’m a Disney freak?)

So I picked out three movies to start off on and the first one that you are going to see is Aladdin, obviously. The other 2 will come along shortly. To start the weekend, and this baking venture, off right the first step was to make the cookies. I had some of my favorite cookie dough in the freezer from a previous project and just set it out to let it thaw and then I started to roll and cut out my free form shapes of the images I picked out.
The images I found are so cute! This guy, Steve Thompson, is freaking amazing at what he does! Seriously check out his drawings because you’ll love them just as much as I do! These images are so cute that you’ll be seeing a few of them around here in there over the course of forever on here, and that’s a promise.

After the cookies were baked I iced and put fondant on them and did some magic to have them come to life (sort of). Next was the cake. I had some cake sitting in the freezer, and I typically only use 6 inch cakes because my family doesn’t exactly like cake all that much, so it’s better and easier to just make them small. They’re just not so much into cake as much as I am. 

I thought that purple would be the perfect color to have the frosting, and I originally wanted to have gold, not white, accents but the gold dust that I have is crap. It just doesn’t work for anything, which is sad and disappointing. The Genie was put on top mainly because Jasmine was holding the lamp and I wanted it to give that look like the Genie was coming out of it. And of course there’s Aladdin and he’s got his finger up pointing at the Genie. I can just imagine him saying something along the lines of, “Man I love this guy!” 
This cake turned out super cute and stay tuned for the next one! You won’t be disappointed!

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