Disney Series: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty. I love this story, but did you know that Aurora is barely even in this movie? It’s mainly because she’s asleep through like half of it. So to me the main character who is in the whole movie is Prince Phillip. Either way I still love this movie and this cake just happens to show one of my favorite scenes!

I was trying to figure out which idea I wanted to go for with this cake. The dancing scene where the Princess and Prince meet, or another scene that involved a lot more work and cake sculpting. I didn’t want to do any cake sculpting so I opted for this idea instead. My favorite part of this cake is the animals with the Prince’s cape, hat and boots dancing with Aurora. So cute!
Now when it came to doing Prince Phillip I had such a tough time finding an idea of how to execute him. I really like this image but the only thing was that his legs and half of the horses body was cut off. I tried to fix it by adding a tree to the cookie but when I put it on the cake I didn’t like it. The tree was just too big and chunky so I cut it off and just went with it. You can’t tell though, right?

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