Disney Series: Peter Pan

It should be a well known fact about my love of everything Peter Pan by now. I really can’t help it either. It’s like an addiction and these cookies are proof of that. Now you must have heard about the new Pan movie that came out YESTERDAY! Yeah, that’s right, these cookies are for that movie. I can also say that I will be attending this movie. And there’s also the fact that it’s my 21st birthday today! What’s a better way to celebrate than going to this movie?! (Well besides the obvious of going to a bar and taking a few shots.)

I had a really tough time narrowing down the images that I wanted to use for these cookies. I’m always being told to not overdo it and make a gazillion cookies, so I had to try to pick out the few pictures that I wanted to use. And because of the limitations I couldn’t get any of the mermaids or Captain Hook or Smee to fit into this project. Oh well, there’s always another set of Peter Pan cookies that I can do!
I’m super happy with these cookies. To me they are super pretty and I’m not sure I’ll be able to even eat one of them because I love them so. It’s like eating a piece of cookie art that I’d rather just leave in the freezer and take out whenever I want to look at them. But I won’t do that. 
The best part of this movie premiere is that it falls one day before my birthday. So what’s better then celebrating my 21st birthday then going to see this movie! I cannot wait!

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