21st Birthday

So it was recently my 21st birthday and I wanted to share this cake that my roommates made for me to celebrate the occasion. But then again I kinda gave them no choice but to make it. It was funny to see the reactions on their faces when giving them the request and handing them the Barbies but it was definitely well worth it!

Now don’t mind the really crappy photos now. It couldn’t be helped while living in some crap-ass college owned apartment building with the lovely green kitchen counters. There’s also the whole issue of also being broke college students as well and not even being able to afford all that much to go out all fancy.
The way my roommates made this cake was box mix. I know, we are students at a highly expensive culinary school where we are studying baking and pastry and we made cake from a box. Not only did we make it from a box but instead of spending the money on eggs when we wouldn’t use all of them we replaced it with applesauce. Applesauce happens to be a great egg replacement though and worth a try. There’s also that frosting from a can with the sprinkles included were used as well. As you can see in the photos the sprinkles are used as “vomit” in tiny little Barbie pots.
Now I provided the Barbie dolls and pots before I flew out to Charlotte because I knew exactly what I wanted, so I came prepared. As you can see one of the drunk barbies lost their shoe, which was a great drunken touch that added to the cake. But wait. It gets even weirder. Without my knowledge, and I only found out about it until after I ate a bit and had a weird taste in my mouth, that my roommates decided that food coloring was too expensive and used Kool-aid to color the frosting to write Happy Birthday. It was definitely creative, but not very tasty to me, but apparently they enjoyed it.
Overall it was a pretty good birthday even though there were some major hiccups throughout the day that I would’ve preferred not to happen. But what can you do? At least I’m finally legal!

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