Cookie Cutters

I love cookie cutters! I have a growing collection of them and whenever I see one that I don’t have and want, I buy it. But have you ever had that problem where you just have to make a certain cookie but don’t have the time to go buy a cookie cutter or the design of the cookie you want to make is too complex where there wouldn’t even be a cookie cutter for? Well you came to the right place, because I’m going to show you that you don’t need a piece of metal that costs $3 to make cookies.

If you’ve looked at the cookies that I’ve made and seen that they look like they would be hard to do? Well believe me, they aren’t hard at all. You just need a few supplies and a little equipment that typically every single household owns. 

Here’s what you need:

  1. An image you want
  2. Scissor
  3. Paper plate
  4. Exact-o or paring knife
  5. Writing utensil

How to do it:

  1. Take the image that you want to make into a cookie and put it into a word document and size it to the size of the cookie that you want.
  2. Print off the image and cut out around it, leaving a small space of the white paper intact.
  3. Trace the outline of the cut-out image onto a paper plate and cut it out. 
  4. When you have your dough rolled out take the paper plate cut-out and place on the dough.
  5. Take the paring knife or exact-o knife and cut out the cookie along the edges of the paper plate. 
  6. Put onto a sheet pan and bake.

NOTE: If you are going to be using fondant instead of royal icing to use a base to decorate your cookie, make another paper plate cut-out. You want to do this instead of using the same one you used for the cookie dough because the cookie dough is raw and the fondant will be ready to eat. Cross-contamination is a major no-no and you don’t want to risk harming others.

NOTE: If you don’t have a paper plate that is fine, just use the piece of paper. I just prefer using a paper plate because it’s more sturdy and easier to use.
If you would rather just make your own cookie cutter then check out this Cookie Cutter Making Kit. I’ve never personally done this but I do know that there are a lot of tutorials on how to do this. 
Enjoy making the cookies that you want to make!

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