WARNING: The pictures may look cute, but the topic is not so much. If you are against hunting, then please do not continue.
Aren’t these cutesy cookies just adorable!? I can’t help but fawn over little woodsy animals like cute baby deer and foxes. Living in North Dakota you see quite a lot of deer around, and now most recently in the past few years the fox has been starting to come back around and fortunately, there are no bears in sight as far as I can see.

Now I’m not sure if it’s wise to be doing a post on these cookies as it is almost hunting season where all you see is people in their bright neon orange and camouflage clothing with their guns or bows walking around the woods. Maybe it’s more appropriate for the idea of camping? Well maybe not at this time of the year as it is getting to be quite chilly with snow coming and all.

Now I have never ever gone hunting. I’ve never even learned how to shoot a gun. But around these parts hunting just happens to be one of the favorite past times during the fall. 

Although it may be getting to hunting season there isn’t any reason to at least appreciate the animals now right? They sure are cute to look at from afar and just as long as they aren’t eating your garden or digging through your trash cans (dang those raccoon’s!).
Either way I want you to enjoy the cuteness of these cookies, and just remember to not look at the poor animals your family brings home from their successful hunting trip. Or at least not until it’s in front of your face on a plate. (Sorry, not sorry, I love my deer jerky. Please don’t judge my North Dakotan ways.)


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