Little Red Riding Hood

I’ve been wanting to do a cake with Little Red Riding Hood for a long time now but I just couldn’t figure out how to execute it. No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find the right images of Red Riding Hood and the wolf to use, until now. 

A few different cakes inspired me to do this design, this Red Riding Hood cake and this Snow White cake. Both of the cakes are super gorgeous and I sometimes can’t help but just look at them. Is that weird? I think I like cake way too much!
To make the trees I used this image of wallpaper (you seriously can’t go wrong with a good wallpaper design for cake inspiration!) and some royal icing. Once they were dry I just took some black food coloring mixed with a little water and used a paintbrush to add on outlines and some bark like details.
It’s just one of those really pretty and really simple cakes that I just absolutely love and I can honestly say this is definitely one of my favorites that I have created! (It’s also one of those cakes that I secretly stare at. shhh!)

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