Pretty in Pink

Who doesn’t love the color pink? Well for me it is necessarily the color but what you can do with the color. Does that make any sense? No, not really. Well this post isn’t about the movie “Pretty in Pink” featuring the famous Molly Ringwald (love her). This post is about Cinderella. Ya I know, your thinking what in the world is this B-word doing putting that as the title for this post?!? It will make sense, I promise.

You know that scene in Cinderella where the mice are making her this dress with the pretty pink fabric and what they turn it into? Well that’s what this is all about. That pretty pink dress that Cinderella didn’t even get to show off (and I guarantee that she would have still won the heart of Prince Charming if she had worn that dress).

So on another journey through Pinterest that I had about a year ago I found this gorgeous cake and I just had to try and remake it. The only problem was how to find the time. So a year later here I am on a little break, which finally gave me enough time to make it. I figured that it was about time to tackle this little project.
And this little project turned into a nightmare (sort of). The cake recipe I used was by Molly Yeh (love her blog!) and the only thing I tweaked for this recipe was I added sprinkles to make it more fun and colorful. The downside was that it turned out mushy! Don’t get me wrong, the cake was delicious! It’s just not the cake you want to use for when it comes to carving out a dress shape because it just slides and moves and just doesn’t sit still. 

Then there’s the fondant. That was a whole other nightmare. It just wouldn’t work for me, constantly tearing and ripping and just giving me the most difficult time. At least I was decorating a dress so it was easy to cover up and make it look more like ruffles.

This cake did end up really pretty and delicious despite all the horrors that came along with it. I’m glad I made it and I wish it had looked a little more like the picture, but what can you do? Everything is unique in its own way.

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