I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. To be able to go on a safari and to see all of the beautiful animals that reside there would be an honest dream come true for me. I’ve always seemed to have a soft spot for animals and the wild ones are a big part of that, such as the lion. Lions just have a certain beauty to them and I’m not even sure how to even explain it, so I’ll let the details on this gorgeous cake I made do the talking.

Now there isn’t a whole lot to talk about on how I did this painted lion. I basically just found an image of the face of a lion on Pinterest and went off on it. There is no special recipe for this cake, unfortunately, it’s one of those “I have an idea and I want to execute it but don’t want to eat any cake” type of cake. So I just used my plastic wrap to make the cake “fake” in it’s own weird way. And no matter how much I love to experiment with flavors to put into a cake I just wanted this to be about the decoration and not the flavors, if you get what I mean.
If you want to try and do this yourself then use this image to go off of. I started off by doing the face in the center of a big round/oval shaped piece of fondant. I used black, copper, brown, and ivory Wilton gel food coloring to get the coloring of the lion. Use the ivory for the lighter areas and the copper and brown for the darker, shaded areas and the mane. The black was used only for the outlining of the lions face and eyes.
I absolutely love how the lion came out and it is definitely one of my favorite “fake” cakes that I’ve done. Not only is it super gorgeous to look at but it’s also pretty easy to do if you ever decide to try it out yourself.

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