Growing up I never took dance classes. It was probably because I was both a chubby and shy kid. My sister did take dance classes for at least a year or 2. I would go to her practice with my mom and watch them prance around learning a dance routine for a show that they were going to put on. Once they did perform you could only see short sparkly outfits and little kids that would occasionally mess up a move every now and then. I’m not entirely sure if I would actually take dance lessons though if I could have a re-do. Oh well. Now on to the dance of the ballerinas.

I saw this image on Pinterest one day and for some reason I just absolutely fell in love with and it inspired me that it gave me the idea to do a baking project with ballerinas. I’ve been meaning to get to it for awhile now and now I have finally done it! And I’m pretty proud of these cookies, too!

These cookies have a vintage-y feeling to them. I had just purchased the gold and silver color mist by Wilton at Michael’s and I thought that it would look great if I used it on the dresses. To paint them on I just sprayed some of the gold and silver spray into a small bowl and just took my paintbrush and painted it on. And I of course had to use pink. Who doesn’t love a pink tutu!?!?!

To give the cookies a little more glam I took some royal icing and piped some edges on each cookie and added some pretty sprinkles along the edges.

Just by looking at these cookies makes me wish that I had taken dance classes as a kid. I guess I’ll just have to live with the cookies instead! Or just go to a ballet, like the Nutcracker. And that doesn’t bother me one bit!


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